Cooling Mattress Topper
Cooling Mattress Topper
Cooling Mattress Topper
Cooling Mattress Topper
Cooling Mattress Topper
Cooling Mattress Topper
Cooling Mattress Topper
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Cooling Mattress Topper - Queen Size

Cooling Mattress Topper - Queen Size - Plush Pillow Top with Deep Pocket

Experience the ultimate comfort and support with the TopTopper Cooling Mattress Topper. Designed to enhance your sleep quality, this mattress topper features an extra thick and supportive construction made of overfilled virgin fiber. With 1.5 inches of thickness, it provides exceptional support for your body, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed every morning.

Crafted with tight woven and cooling fiber Technology padding, this mattress topper offers a luxurious, fluffy texture with breathable circulation. Its ergonomic angle design conforms perfectly to your body, promoting optimal comfort and relaxation throughout the night.

The deep pocket design, ranging from 8 to 21 inches, ensures a secure fit around your mattress without noise or movement issues. Thanks to its durable construction and woven shirt technology, this mattress topper remains resistant to tearing and deformation, providing long-lasting performance.

Stay cool and comfortable all night long with the cooling microfiber topping material that offers a refreshing sensation. The added virgin cooling microfiber promotes breathable circulation inside the mattress, while the high-density interior material absorbs moisture and dries quickly, maintaining a balanced body temperature for uninterrupted sleep.

Certified by Oeko-Tex 100, this mattress topper is free from harmful substances, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin. For easy care, simply machine wash under a gentle cycle with cold water and tumble dry on low. Avoid ironing and dry cleaning for optimal longevity.

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