Hanging Solar Watering Can Lamp
Hanging Solar Watering Can Lamp
Hanging Solar Watering Can Lamp
Hanging Solar Watering Can Lamp
Hanging Solar Watering Can Lamp
Hanging Solar Watering Can Lamp
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Solar-Powered Hanging Watering Can Lamp: Illuminate Your Garden with Eco-Friendly Charm

Hanging Solar Watering Can Lamp, designed to add a charming touch to your outdoor space with its unique and enchanting design.

Solar Watering Can With Lights: The light wire of this lamp is flexible and can be easily bent and shaped into any form you desire, making it perfect for DIY projects. When illuminated at night, it creates a vivid and beautiful retro hollow pattern. Hang it on your watering plants, vines, potted plants, porches, paths, patios, and more to enhance your garden decor.

Automatic & Energy Efficiency: Equipped with a solar panel and built-in light sensor, these solar yard lights automatically turn on in the dark and off during the day. Ensure to switch the power to the "on" position for charging during the day and place the solar panel in a well-lit area. With 6-8 hours of charging, it provides 8-12 hours of illumination, offering energy-efficient lighting without the need for wiring or external power supply.

Waterproof and Anti-rust: Our Solar Garden Decor Lights feature IP65 waterproof rating, ensuring durability and resilience against various outdoor weather conditions such as rain, snow, frost, or sleet. The high-quality metal construction is sturdy and reliable, providing long-lasting performance. Additionally, the light wire tail can be trimmed to your desired length without affecting the functionality of other LED lights.

Transform your outdoor space into a magical oasis with our Hanging Solar Watering Can Lamp, combining beauty, functionality, and sustainability to elevate your garden decor effortlessly.

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